A Place for Spiritual Directors to Gather

One of the hopes is for the Awakening Institute to become a place where spiritual directors, as well as spiritual care providers such as counselors, clergy, and hospice workers can share information, testimonies and best practices for the edification and enhancement of the spiritual care community. Currently we are incorporating two ways by which this mission may be carried out.

1. Sharing of articles in Awakening, which is published weekly to nearly 600, and growing daily, spiritual care providers and seekers. We are now actively encouraging the submission of articles, testimonies, poetry, and best practices to be shared with others in our community. We are also going to be providing book reviews as well as the dissemination of information regarding learning and teaching opportunities that may benefit our community. Please contact theawakeninginstitute@gmail.com to see how you can participate in this ministry. 

2. It is our desire to sponsor two gathering of Spiritual Directors and Spiritual Care Providers in 2018. We are currently looking at one gathering in South Florida and the other in East Central Florida. Dates will be announced in the near future as our team works on the logistics for such a gathering.