Gene Yotka; Pastor, Teacher, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Director. 

M.Div. and MAPC from Asbury Theological Seminary; Certified Spiritual Director through St. Thomas University  

Hi, my name is Gene Yotka, founder of the Awakening Institute for Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Direction and Soul Care. As a pastoral in the local church for over eleven years I continually meet people who seek a deeper and more profound relationship with God but struggle in their day to day life to find the depth they seek.  Likewise I come across many people who would like to know how they might be better trained to help others know God's presence in a more intimate manner. I have discovered that many of these people see the answer in doing more for God and learning more about God, rather than becoming still before God and  developing a deeper a deeper relationship with God. The Awakening Institute focuses more on being and resting before God, coupled with deep listening to God's voice, from which all doing proceeds. As such we take a contemplative, with God, approach to spiritual life that has been lacking in most modern Christian experience.

       “The Awakening Institute” based on ​the Christian Mystical  understanding that "God is with us" and that we are members of the body of Christ carrying out God's will, here and now by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The journey is a Love journey, for God is Love, which is marked by awareness of Love, purification by Love, a path illuminated by Love, union with Love and ultimately becoming vessels through which Love flows without resistance into the world around us.  We can, and must, learn spiritual disciplines to help us along this journey, but ultimately it must be a lived, with God, by God's grace, experience if we are to know the deeper experience we seek. Therefore, our purpose is to help others become more aware of God's transforming presence, thus becoming who God is calling us to be; those who love God with every fiber of our being and thus love that which God loves; other people and all creation.  It is our passion to provide guidance through Spiritual Formation,  Spiritual Direction and Soul Care to those seeking a deeper, more holistic balance in their Christian walk, as well a train others to do the same in their own various  churches and communities. 

     I describe “The Awakening Institute, at its very center as providing sacred space for the Holy Spirit to reveal God, who is Love in our midst, so as to transform the heart, soul, mind and body, so as  to become  united with God, for the world, which God loves."        

     As you explore “The Awakening Institute”, you will find our core focus is "God is with us" and "God's kingdom is present right now."  Through our basic approach of what we call "Contemplation in Action", the inner work of disciple becomes manifest in outer work for the betterment of all humanity and all creation, as we journey side by side with God and one another.  The presence of God teaches us that all things are holy and that every experience along the way can become sacramental, a visible sign of God's inward grace, and as a result all false notions of self, dissipate and are transformed into the knowledge of who we truly are in the eyes of God.  


Three Ways to Learn    

We understand that people learn in various ways and have varying needs as they approach their training. Therefore every Awakening Institute experience includes a brief lecture, relevant reading, interactive conversation, as well as artistically creative and meditative components . That being said, we also offer three ways to participate in your chosen area(s) of study.


1.  On-site sessions; for those who are able to attend classes either  Hollywood or Port. St.  John Florida, as well as various special location


2. On-line sessions; for those who cannot attend physical classes we offer an on-line experience via Omni Join our virtual classroom


3. Work at your own pace: The student is provided with a detailed workbook to work through the material at their own pace. This option

    also  includes access your teacher via phone or email.