Additional Classes and Seminars

The class offering listed herein are independent of the certification classes. These can be used to compliment, and in some cases be used in place of, a class offered in a particular certification program.   All "Awakening Institute" classes can be taken alone as part of one's continuing education and the classes in this section are no exception.

Hearing the Mystic (Mystical Theology): This eight week class, consisting of eight, two hour, weekly sessions) outlines mystical theology as portrayed in the Bible. We take a look from both Eastern Orthodox and Western perspectives. Along the way will consider the theologies of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, Clement of Alexandria, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Meister Eckhart.


Spiritual Direction and the Trinity: This three hour study/retreat delves into the great mystery of the Trinity and the activity of our Trinitarian God, during times spiritual direction. 


Peace in Christ Class:  This is an eighteen week (eighteen, 2 hour sessions, held weekly) retreat that incorporates Lectio Divina through the life of Christ from his birth to the ascension). This is an experiential retreat designed to immerse ourselves in God's Word in a transformational way. 


Kingdom of Heaven Bible Study: This is a seven week study on the parables of Jesus where we hear the Lord say; "The kingdom of heaven is like..." This class is designed to help the participant to develop an eye for the kingdom of God in their midst. 


People of God Unite: This is a five week study/retreat, (2 hours per week), on being the Church in a post-Christian environment: Meetings consist of First is mobilization (The Church Coming Together), second outreach (The Loving Embrace), third evangelism (Offering Christ), fourth discipleship (Training Up), and finally, mission (Sending Out).


Creating a “Life Together” small group: “Life Together”, is a five week program that teaches a simple, yet profound, way for small groups, (6-12 people), to come together and to share their experiences of Scripture, prayer, God’s grace, service, and evangelism. These small groups provide sacred space for accountability, as well as, the inspiration to actively pursue these important spiritual callings.  


Experiencing The Gospel and Letters of John: This is a one year study through the writings of the Apostle John. Participants will discover, verse by verse, a deeper understanding of the beautiful Gospel and Epistles as we move methodically, reverently and prayerfully through God's Word.


Bible Journaling: This is a three hour seminar on the practice of creating works of art inspired by and set alongside, the Holy Scriptures.


Spiritual Journaling: This is a three hour seminar designed to provide ways to incorporate the important discipline of spiritual journaling into the life of the disciple.  


The Enneagram and Spiritual Direction: The enneagram is an ancient system of human development based on nine personality types. These types, as given by Riso and Hudson, are 1) The Reformer, 2) The Helper, 3)The Achiever, 4)The Individualist, 5)The Investigator, 6)The Loyalist , 7)The Enthusiast, 8)The Challenger and 9)The Peacemaker. Many spiritual directors feel that becoming aware of our enneagram type gives us some inner knowledge that is helpful in spiritual direction. This 6 hour, study/retreat is designed to familiarize the participant with the use of the enneagram;  to identify their own type, and to be better equipped to help others find their type as well, thus enhancing the effectiveness of spiritual direction.