Program Overview

Spiritual  Direction

1.  A two year and two month certification program to designed  to

     develop those who God has called into the ministry of Spiritual


2. A place for Spiritual Directors to gather and to share information

    and best practices for the edification of the spiritual care

    community.This is done through special gatherings and through

    "Awakening" the official newsletter of The Awakening Institute. 

3. To connect Certified Spiritual Directors with those seeking

    spiritual direction.

Soul Care

1. Addressing  soul damage caused by stress, trauma, depression

    and other various life events that keep us form the fullness of

    knowing God's healing presence in our lives. This experience is

    called "Choosing Joy."


2. Making meaningful connections and building strong relationships

    with individuals in the physical and emotional healing professions

    hoping to form a more holistic spirit, soul, mind and body

    approach to healing. 

Spiritual Formation


Approaching spiritual growth toward holiness through a paradigm of awareness we call "The Christian Mystical Journey for Today's World", which consists of an awareness of Love, purification by Love, illumination by Love, the Mystery of Love, Union with Love and becoming non-resistant kenotic vessels through whom Love is let go into the world.