Christian Mysticism in Today’s World (A 14 week experience)


The mystic is an individual who passionately pursues, then learns to experience and to respond to God’s presence in the moments of their lives. The mystic truly lives Emmanuel, God with us.


This is an exciting and transformational 14 week experience designed to help the participant discover and experience important historical dynamics of Christian Mysticism; to learn historic Christian mystical practices, and  to discover the mystical life for themselves in today’s modern world. 


                                                   Course Content


Introduction to Christian Mysticism

The Importance of Understanding Mysticism in Today’s World

Mystics of the Past (Part One)

Mystics of the Past (Part Two)

What Christian Mysticism is Not

Theories of Awakening

Mystical Types and Approaches

Mystical Practices and Discovering the Mystic in You

The Way of the Mystic: Part One: corruption and awakening awareness

The Way of the Mystic: Part Two: purification

The Way of the Mystic: Part Three: illumination

The Way of the Mystic: Part Four: mystical darkness and assurance by faith

The Way of the Mystic: Part Five: union and incorruptibility

The Way of the Mystic: Part Six: holy kenotic incorruptible incarnation




Christian Mysticism for Today's World

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