This is a two and a half hour seminar that includes... 


     --- Contemplation

     --- Listening .

     --- Contemplative Listening.

Spiritual Direction and Contemplative Listening

Developing a Contemplative Ear

Awakening Awareness

Listening With All Our Senses

Interior Solitude

Hearing Silence

Patient Waiting

Beholding Reality


Responding to What You Hear

Practicing Contemplative Listening in a Spiritual Direction Setting

Contemplative Listening

  • Spiritual Direction and Contemplative Listening


    Contemplative Listening sometimes called Holy Listening entails presence and attentiveness.

    Contemplative listening within the context of spiritual direction can be described as “Soul Inquiry”, as we are truly listening to the soul of the other in interaction with the Holy Spirit. The human soul is a fragile and shy entity. Therefore contemplative listening must be gentle and true. The human soul, in the context of spiritual direction, is to be held like a little bird with a sprained wing. You want to hold it tight enough that it does not fly away and injure itself, but not too tight so as to smother it. When the soul is held with the reverence of a contemplative ear we are inviting it to speak from a place of deep inner truth. In a real sense contemplative listening will hear the other into speech with words that will come from a deep inner place. This becomes a sharing that must be honored and welcomed. It also must be received with great humility on the part of the spiritual director, who is privileged to hear the soul of the directee. Soul speech is not to be analyzed or anesthetized; it is to be received from a position of unknowing, and a willingness to learn and be guided by what is being said. Finally, we are to be open to being dazzled in wonder, allowing room for the soul to speak in a manner that will surprise and transform, as we listen for God’s voice spoken through human souls inclined to the divine. Contemplative listening in spiritual direction thus becomes a way of mutually beholding God in the other, and in ourselves.

  • The next Contemplative Listening class will be held on January 25th, 2019, at The Awakening Institute,101 Plaza, 101 Braod Street, Titusville, Fla, 32796, from 6:30-9:30. 


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