Your Rule of Life is just that, Yours!

A RoL is a unique expression of our personal intentions regarding life in God as we journey to holiness for the sake of the other people. The formation of a RoL is not to be a rigid exercise in legalism. It is never meant to be oppressive or burdensome.1 In fact the word “rule” comes from the Latin regula meaning regular. Therefore we are not looking for an overly detailed, fussy, impractical, complicated program. Instead, we seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit and by God’s grace as those who are saved through and surrendered to Jesus Christ our Savior. Our RoL, to be effective, must take shape in response to God’s loving presence guiding us through the process.

A RoL is a visible format that indicates our regular life with God.

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Developing Holy Habits by Creating a Rule of Life

  • The  next Developing Holy Habits class/seminar is scheduled for May 3, 2019, to be held at The Awakening Institute, 101 Plaza, 101 Broad Street, Titusvulle, Fla., 32796, from 6:30pm-9:00pm. 


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