• In this six hour seminar we will journey through the primary nine spaces of the enneagram. We will consdier the unconcious, semi-concious and full concious aspects of each type as well as their subtypes, wings, triads and Holy Ideas. We will also consider the history and make-up of the enneagram paying special attention to the enneagram as a valuable tool within the context of Christian spiritual direction.


  • Course Objectives: The objective is for the student is threefold, 1) to become familiar with all nine spaces as well as the concept of wings, triads, subtypes, growth paths and Holy ideas. 2) To discover one’s space in the enneagram as a tool for self-discovery, self-development and self-care. 2) To help others find their space in the enneagram, so as to facilitate self-discovery, self-development and self-care for themselves. These objectives will primarily be within the realm of personal relationships and spiritual development, with emphasis placed on spiritual direction as a discipline in which the enneagram may prove useful toward the facilitation of these objectives.

Introduction to the Enneagram

  • Next seminar will be held in June of 2019 9:30-3:30.

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