This where the monastic desert meets busy Main Street; the place where inner stillness colors, transcends, and transforms outer chaos. Bringing together what many consider diametrically opposite life styles into a holistic way of being and doing. is living life in a holistic dynamic of contemplation and action, as we practice the presence of God, grow in Christ, and actively carry out God’s will in a crazy world. is a sacred place where the inner life transforms the outer world for the glory of God.

A Contemplative in Action: A person who prayerfully remains open, non-defensive and in the moment as they live life at the feet of Christ, following Christ, growing into his image, moment

by moment, so as to become who God has called them to be, and to do, in the world. 

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Contemplation in Action

  • The next Contemplation in Action class/seminar is scheduled for April 12, 2019, to be held at The Awakening Institute, 101 Plaza, 101 Broad Street, Titusvulle, Fla., 32796, from 6:30pm-9:00pm. 


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