Centering prayer is a way of prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence. It is a prayer that declares our intention to be open to God’s presence and activity in every aspect of our being and life. Centering prayer is a way by which we can enter divine silence. The practice of Centering Prayer ushers us into a way of being that brings us to a place of surrender in which we can restfully and peaceably be drawn by the Holy Spirit into sacred liminal spaciousness, where we are immersed and fully open to God’s presence and action within. Centering Prayer declares to God our intention to be with God and to enliven an inner conversation, initiated by God, that has a profound effect on our lives, moment by moment. In a real sense we move from meditation on God to a consciousness that flow from within God. In this the Lord blesses us with the ability to perceive, relate and respond, as we grow more and more aware of the Lord’s Divine presence in every moment of our lives. Centering prayer, at its core is a relational practice that occurs in us from God, designed to address the reactive, cluttered mind, and to bring our mind into a more receptive, invitational way of being that flows out of the apophatic Centering Prayer experience.

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Prayer of Intention (Centering Prayer)

  • The next Centering Prayer class/seminar is scheduled for June 22nd 2019, to be held at The Awakening Institute, 101 Plaza, 101 Broad Street, Titusvulle, Fla., 32796, from 6:30pm-9:00pm. 


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