The 5 "s of the Christian Contemplative Journey

BLOG #1 November 3, 2020

An Introduction

This new BLOG is dedicated to five Christian contemplative postures, or ways of being and practices by which we can establish these way of being in our lives. These are simplicity, silence, stillness, solitude and spaciousness. Each of these are liminal, threshold, spaces where we are open, undefensive and in the moment to being in God's midst. From these postures, spaces, or ways of being, we are readied to be drawn into a journey, by God’s divine, in God’s midst, that consists, of pure being, an awareness of the Holy presence and action within us on which we can meditate, and an inner assimilation of and a response to the immediate, here and now, knowing that we live, move and having our being in God, in Christ Jesus. This response flows from having been formed into vessels of God’s Love, for the glory of God and for the benefit of the world around us.

This is a journey that began preveniently before we had any real thoughts of God in our lives. It continued when we discovered Love, albeit usually initially as love at a low level of love for self. It continues, as we respond to the Holy Spirit to come and discover the source of the love we feel, who is God. This is love for God for self sake. This is a we discovery we make in and through Jesus Christ, God the Son. The draw of the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to Emmanuel, God with us, Love with us and we are awakened to the presence and action of God’s love. The journey then gets started in earnest as we accept Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior by which we are purified from the guilt and power of sin. Our eyes are opened, and we see the Truth of what the Holy Spirit has been doing all along and the Truth that eternal life is life “in Christ Jesus.” Christ Jesus, Love in our midst, the life that is the light of all people. Christ Jesus then becomes the One who illuminates our sanctifying journey. This is Love of God for God's sake. This is a journey in Christ Jesus that is magnified, clarified, and blessed by the five Christian contemplative postures that we will unpack over the coming months and perhaps years. It is a journey to union with God by which we are blessed to become vessels for God’s love to flow into a world that needs to have its eyes opened. It is a journey empowered by the Holy Spirit, as we mystically live in Christ Jesus, and awaken to ultimate union with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit.) This is a journey for all people by way of God’s prevenient grace and awakening to Love in our midst. It is a journey by way of God’s justifying grace of purification. It is journey of sanctifying grace and illumination and it is a journey of glorifying grace and union where we come to live as our trues selves, as vessels of God’s love, Love “let go” into the world around us for the glory of God and the sake of all people and all creation. I invite you to join me on this journey. glorious eternal journey of wonder, joy, peace, and Love.

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