Day 24: Advent 2016 Daily Devotionals

Advent 2016 Daily Devotionals

“The Slowing”

Week Four

Initial note: to make the most of these devotionals it is suggested that the disciple does their best to enter into the Scripture as if hearing it for the very first time, as if they are in the presence of the very first hearers. Allow yourself to feel the location, and the message in a sensory manner. In other words live God’s Word. I have found that this approach can move us into what can only be described as a timeless place, where we can truly experience the slowing we seek in God’s presence.

Wednesday, Day Twenty-four, December 21st

Opening Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, as we enter into these final days of Advent I pray that the slowing You have been bringing upon me comes to rest in inner stillness deep within me, which then allows me to rest in Your glorious presence. Help me to become inwardly still that I may come to know You more intimately, as I ponder Love that has taken up residence in me at the deepest levels of who I am. Lord, help me rest in Your love that casts out all fear, ends all violence and brings all things together in divine wholeness. In the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

Read John 14:25-27 slowly: Do not rush. Savor each word. Listen attentively to the words of Jesus. You may want to read it several times, with no agenda but to simply hear God’s Word spoken into your heart. Allow the words to reverberate in your mind. Be open and aware of any thoughts and feelings; physically and emotionally without dwelling on them. Let yourself slowdown in God’s presence. Feel the slowing. When you feel fully recollected consider the thought that follows. Finally consider the questions provided. You may be drawn to journal your thoughts as you move through God’s Word. Be open to this direction as it comes upon you.

Thought: God’s peace is the source of inner stillness. We do not have to be perfect because if we practice God’s presence the Holy Spirit will be ready to remind us of all that Christ taught and teaches us. Peace comes when we can rest in not having to perfectly remember all that Christ teaches us. Instead, by faith we live close to God knowing that we will be guided in accordance whatever is needed at the time, within the will of God.

Questions to consider: Do we worry that we will not remember all that God teaches us? How are we staying in tune with the Holy Spirit who reminds us? How does God’s peace reflect in your inner stillness as you practice God’s presence on a daily basis? When do we allow our hearts to be troubled? Why do we allow our hearts to be troubled? What is going on when this happens? How can we heed the Lord’s words “Do not let you hearts be troubled, nor let it be afraid?

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