Day 27: Advent 2016 Daily Devotionals

“The Slowing”

Week Four

Initial note: to make the most of these devotionals it is suggested that the disciple does their best to enter into the Scripture as if hearing it for the very first time, as if they are in the presence of the very first hearers. Allow yourself to feel the location, and the message in a sensory manner. In other words live God’s Word. I have found that this approach can move us into what can only be described as a timeless place, where we can truly experience the slowing we seek in God’s presence.

Saturday, Day Twenty-seven, December 24th

Opening prayer:

Lord Jesus, please bring to my mind the eternal truth(s) that You have revealed to me personally over the course of this week’s Advent devotional. Thank you Lord for the precious time that I have been gifted with this week; time spent with You my Lord. In the precious name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

This is a day to rest. Today simply ponder what you have experienced throughout the week. Go back to the past five days and allow the Lord to bring to mind the most significant thoughts, feelings, impressions and/or calls to action that you may have experienced during this time. Allow yourself to slow down and meditatively consider what the Lord is revealing to you now as a result of this week’s Advent devotions. You may wish to journal this experience to be revisited again sometime in the future.

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