Awakening: Wisdom Part Five

Hi Everyone, I pray that you, at this very moment, are experiencing the presence of God in your day. Now is a good time to be still and let God speak to your heart.

Wisdom Part Five1

Four weeks ago we began a series of thoughts and observations with regard to wisdom; first with an article titled “Wisdom and Epiphany” and second with some thoughts on “Right Thinking, Compassion and Wisdom”, thirdly “Wisdom, an Experience of God” and last week “Becoming Open to God’s Wisdom.” This week we continue with…

God’s Wisdom and Our Self-Knowledge

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known. NRS

1 Corinthians 13:12

We now see with less than full awareness of what actually is. We now see through the eyes of a self-built personality, but we are moving toward awareness when we will see ourselves as God sees us. This is not an end of life experience as much as it is part of the spiritual journey to which we are being called at this very moment, as we live our lives in this world but not of this world.

Each of us is born with a true-self, created in the image and likeness of God. This essential self is who we truly are. As we live in, and encounter things of, the world we develop a personality (ego) that allows us to function psychically, relationally and emotionally. It is this developed personality (ego) that helps us to individuate inwardly and outwardly; inwardly as it mediates between such aspects as the conscience, instinct, shadow, as well as the aspects of gender called the anima and the animus. Likewise the personality (ego) helps us to individuate within our family and our society in ways that allow us to function as individuals connected to other individuals, while also recognizing that we exist as persons among and interacting with other persons. All this is well and good, and necessary for healthy human development. However, a problem arises when we begin to see our personality (ego) as our identity. Biblical wisdom tells us that we are not the developed personality, some call the false self; but are in fact images and likenesses of God, God’s children, unique yet connected, spirit and flesh, both eternal and temporal. Essentially to know self means to know the God created self not the self-created self of the personality, or ego. The problem is that so many, if not most, of us are fixated on the personality (ego) rather than the essence of who God created us to be. The ego is all we see, thus we call it reality. Biblically this is a consequence of humanities turning away from God in what Genesis refers to as the fall of humanity. It is this ego fixation which is the source of much suffering. This is evidenced when Cain slew Able as a result of a bruised ego. On the other hand it is by getting in touch with the God created self that we find the source of ultimately healing. This is the self that God sees and that we are invited to discover.

The good news is that we can discover our true God created selves by simply identifying our ego fixation, and prayerfully bringing it to the Lord for healing as we ask God to give us a deeper awareness of the ego distortion in which we find ourselves fixated. The movement is from this ego distortion, which has been called passion, and sin to the aspect of our true selves that is counter opposite to the fixation; indolence moves to action; anger to serenity; pride to humility; deceit to veracity; envy to equanimity; avarice to detachment; fear to courage; gluttony to sobriety.

The bottom line is that when we allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate and overtake our human spirits we find healing of mind, body, and emotions that are, by the grace of God, who we truly are. We then begin to see ourselves as whole, vital and aware, because God has allowed us to see through God’s divine holy eyes, which in turn allows us to know ourselves just as we are known by God. We are, holy and perfect, though our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who tells us we are God’s children. This is a truly great discovery.

1 Excerpted from The Awakening Institutes Seminar on Christian Wisdom and Introduction to the Enneagram Seminar.

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“Because the soul mirrors the divine nature, self-knowledge is a way of knowing God.”

Harvey Egan, writing about Gregory of Nyssa,

An Anthology of Christian Mysticism, 34

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(Additional to our daily Scripture reading)

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