(Day One) Daily Lenten Devotional

“Our Walk to the Cross”

A Lenten Devotional

The goal of this year’s Lenten devotional is to allow ourselves to experience journey in a profoundly relational manner. The idea is simple; “Live the Scriptures, as we follow Jesus o the cross at Calvary. Experience the moments as they unfold, so as to allow them to become our moments with Christ Jesus as the Lord leads us on an inner journey that will have a profound effect on the things we do in our everyday life. In other words who we are, as children of God, becomes dramatically present and effective in our day to day lives. As we walk to the cross we become more and more deeply aware of God’s presence along the way, a presence that has been there all the time, to which we are now becoming more conscious and responsive as all that would keep us unconscious to God’s presence slowly fades away. In the end we find unity (John 17:20-24), with God, others and self. Welcome to “Our Walk to the Cross.”

Wednesday, March 1st (Day One)

On Ash Wednesday we begin our Lenten journey. This journey begins as we admit that there are Two Standards and Two Value systems that exist in this world, which can, and do, have an effect on us. These we often refer to as darkness and light. These first four days of Lent we want to get in touch with the reality that within us all there is a battle going on between darkness and the light. The first thing we must do is to admit that the darkness exists and can, and sometimes does, have an effect on us. This comes simultaneous with the realization that the darkness cannot overcome the light, yet the battle is real nonetheless as we seek a deeper awareness of the light that overcomes the darkness. We do this so that we can live in the reality of that awareness, rather than the all too often false sense that darkness seems to winning the battle. But darkness must be acknowledged as we must identify and name the enemy whom we wish to vanquish. We then are in a position to repent and proclaim our belief in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to purify us of all blindness caused by darkness.

1. Come into God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) loving presence. Feel God’s loving gaze. Offer yourself completely to God.

2. Silently sit before God for 10 minutes.

3. Pray to God for the face of goodness as well as the face of darkness to be revealed in your life.

4. Ask God to reveal darkness within you. What does it look like? Describe it to the best of your ability.

5. Imagine how Jesus leads you in contrast to where the darkness wants to take you.

Read the following. You may use it as a guide or just food for thought:

I surrender all I am to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I pray to see more clearly the face of good, as well as the face of evil in my life. I deeply desire to move in accordance with the mind of Christ.

I see evil as being shifty with lifeless eyes, and a smirk. Not aesthetically ugly but repulsive nonetheless. I feel, what I call, a glitch in my spirit. There is an air of something ancient and empty that wants to consume everything around it. There is an insidious nature, as the closer you get the more compelling it becomes. It sucks you in without your even realizing it; a dark fog; a sinister caped figure. Evil is hard to see as it does not attack straight on. I realize when entertain me, myself, and I thoughts I come closer to darkness. There seems to be a danger in thinking about darkness, but it also seems dangerous to ignore its presence. I feel a desire to run, and I do! Paradoxically I know the importance of being aware that darkness lurks, while at the same time I must extricate myself from the evil presence I feel, or I will be weakened and susceptible to evil.

I see Jesus calling me, saying “follow me.” Without hesitation I follow. Now I sense truth, no threat, and a deep desire to move in the Lord’s direction. I feel connected and drawn. I feel connected to others, no thoughts of “me”, just a collective “us.” I feel grateful for all I have. I feel full, yet I know that the filling is not of me, which fuses a sense of humility with the gratitude, which I feel deep within.

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