(Day Fourteen) Daily Lenten Devotional

Thursday, March 16th (Day Fourteen)

Discerning Jesus’ Call to Transformation

Reformation f Life, Mark 1:14-20 and Matthew 4:12-17

1. Come into God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) loving presence. Feel God’s loving, healing gaze come over you. Offer yourself completely to God.

2. Silently sit before God for 10 minutes.

3. Read Mark 1:14-20 and Matthew 4:12-17 five times very slowly. The first time, simply and reverently read it, allowing God’s word to flow over you. The second time be aware of any verse word, phrase or concept that God is revealing to you as you read. Meditate silently for several minutes what the Lord has given you. During the third reading allow a prayer to formulate in your heart and offer that prayer to God. As the Scripture is read a fourth time, allow yourself to be drawn into the biblical scene as if you are living it right now. Be aware of any physical sensations, thoughts, or emotions that may arise. Journal your experience in detail. The fifth and final reading should be a reading of unknowing. Simply rest in the mystery of God’s presence and God’s Word, peacefully and with great joy.

4. Journal important aspects of the entire experience.

Read the following as food for thought:

Am I feeling any invitation to a new chapter in my walk with Jesus? As I meditate on these verses and on the reformation to which they point I ask myself, “do I ever block the process of transformation with worries as to how changes may affect me or those around me? Am I worried that others may not be on board? Is the risk of transformation too high? What might God ask of me? However, as I meditate on not being open to God’s transformation in me it feels like I am again trying to measure up to the standards of the world rather than to that of God. When I meditate on surrendering to the Lord and allowing the transformation to occur I feel as if I am set free. I hear Jesus saying to me, “Stop worrying and just follow me!” When I think of this abandonment I feel God’s presence. When I worry about the risk, or what others might think all I can feel is worry. I must live out of, and react to, the freedom that God’s presence gives me. As n I contemplate complete surrender; following Jesus into a new and the somewhat unknown world of reformation and transformation I feel alive. I cannot live in bondage to worry. Lord I repent of for any times I may have acted out of fear and/or worry and I embrace the freedom that comes from surrendering to you.

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