(Day Twenty-five) Daily Lenten Devotional

Wednesday March 29th (Day Twenty-five)

I pray for the courage to walk with Jesus Christ and to be with him in his passion and death.

Jesus’ Hour, John 12:23-36

1. Come into God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) loving presence. Feel God’s loving, healing gaze come over you. Offer yourself completely to God.

2. Silently sit before God for 10 minutes.

3. Read John 12:23-36 five times very slowly. The first time, simply and reverently read it, allowing God’s word to flow over you. The second time be aware of any verse word, phrase or concept that God is revealing to you as you read. Meditate silently for several minutes what the Lord has given you. During the third reading allow a prayer to formulate in your heart and offer that prayer to God. As the Scripture is read a fourth time, allow yourself to be drawn into the biblical scene as if you are living it right now. Be aware of any physical sensations, thoughts, or emotions that may arise. Journal your experience in detail. The fifth and final reading should be a reading of unknowing. Simply rest in the mystery of God’s presence and God’s Word, peacefully and with great joy.

4. Journal important aspects of the entire experience.

Read the following. You may use it as a guide or just food for thought:

There is a sense of no turning back, the commitment to serve God and to follow Christ to the cross is all consuming. We are called to follow the light of Christ, to act out of our belief in Jesus. As I sit silently, the concept of contemplation in action comes to mind; the fruition of walking with a conscious awareness of God’s guiding presence in our lives. This is the path of that leads to an awareness that God everywhere; the eternal coming into contact with the temporal. This is the way to the cross and to resurrection. I feel this most particularly as the Lord lights my way by the divine presence; guides me by the divine light; speaks to my heart through prayer, especially silent prayer. There is no darkness in me that the Lord’s light cannot overcome. Danger only comes if I ignore the light of God with me. I hear clearly at this moment Jesus saying “follow me” and I fully intend to heed his words.

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