Easter Sunday: Daily Lenten Devotional

Sunday, April 16th Easter Sunday

Part One, Morning or Early Afternoon

Enter into the resurrection experience this glorious day. Know that in Christ you are resurrected into eternal life. Worship from the moment you wake, through your church service, and into the rest of your life. Praising God for what God has done for you. all people and all creation.

The Risen Lord, Mark 16:1-12 or Luke 24:1-12 or John 20:11-18

1. Come into God’s (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) loving presence. Feel God’s loving gaze. Offer yourself completely to God.

2. Silently sit before God for 10 minutes.

3. Read Mark 16:1-12 or Luke 24:1-12 or John 20:11-18five times very slowly. The first time, simply and reverently read it, allowing God’s word to flow over you. The second time be aware of any verse word, phrase or concept that God is revealing to you as you read. Meditate silently for several minutes what the Lord has given you. During the third reading allow a prayer to formulate in your heart and offer that prayer to God. As the Scripture is read a fourth time, allow yourself to be drawn into the biblical scene as if you are living it right now. Be aware of any physical sensations, thoughts, or emotions that may arise. Journal your experience in detail. The fifth and final reading should be a reading of unknowing. Simply rest in the mystery of God’s presence and God’s Word, peacefully and with great joy.

4. Journal important aspects of the entire experience.

Read the following. You may use it as a guide or just food for thought:

Jesus’ Appearance to Me and My Wife, MaryAnn

It is after the resurrection, as I, along with my wife Mary Ann, and several others are making plans to head home from Jerusalem. For some reason I feel as if we are going to Capernaum. With heavy hearts we set out.

We now have been walking for an entire day when the time comes to stop for the night. We pitch a tent in a good place, eat some dinner, open our sleeping bags and go to sleep. I have a dream of Jesus coming to me and telling me that he has risen. He tells me that we should continue our journey through tomorrow, but when we stop tomorrow night we should go no further, waiting for others who are on their way to Galilee. I wake up the next morning thinking it just a dream. But upon awakening I look to my side and I see Jesus who says to me “Do what I say.” Then he vanishes. Now I thought my dream had produced an hallucination. But, I noticed the great sadness that I carried when I went to sleep was somehow gone. I tell Mary Ann about the dream and vision; we decide that we have nothing to lose by just doing what I heard Jesus say to me. After a good night’s sleep the second night, we waited and sure enough late that morning others arrive. We begin to tell them what Jesus said to me in my dream. They said, “we know” we saw him on the road as well. He told us to meet you hear and then head back to Jerusalem.

After returning to Jerusalem Mary Ann and seem to go back in time, finding ourselves at the tomb of Jesus the day of His resurrection. We are standing at the tomb of Jesus. We look at each other with excitement as the women approach. We both know what is about to happen. Mary Magdalene is weeping. Mary Ann (my wife) wants to go and console her, but feels that we should not interfere, just watch and listen. When Mary Magdalene sees the empty tomb she looks annoyed and begins to question a person whom she believes to be a gardener. Mary Ann and I say to each other, “There he is!” Then we look at each other wondering how Mary Magdalene could not see that it was Jesus. We just stood there in awe. Jesus then says “Mary”, Mary Magdalene then sees that it is Jesus. She is filled with joy, as were we. Jesus then looks towards us with that familiar smile. After some time, Mary Magdalene then runs to tell the others. She is yelling “I have seen the Lord!” She is bubbling over with excitement. The others do not seem impressed with what Mary Magdalene is telling them. I want to step in and tell them she is speaking the truth, but again we feel an urge not to interfere, just watch and listen. Mary Ann and I are filled with joy and start to laugh. Nobody notices. We then turn around and Jesus is standing right in front of us, we both fall to our knees before him. All I could say was “Thank you” to Jesus. Mary Ann is bowed down crying with joy. Then Jesus said “Listen to me, this is only the beginning; know that I am about to do a new thing in your time; follow me.” All we can say is Yes Lord.Save

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