“What Might I Expect During a Spiritual Direction Session?”

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The day of our Open House on January 26th is nearly here. This will mark the first day for The Awakening Institute at our new location; 115 Broad Street, Titusville, Florida. I have included some photos on page 3 of this week’s Awakening. The Open House will be held from 4:00 to 8:00pm. From 5:00 to 6:00 we will have a time of “Worship and Word.” This will be followed by food and fellowship. Feel free to visit anytime between 4:00 and 8:00pm. It is our prayer that many of you will be able to attend, as we would love to see you, and share with you, what the Lord is doing at The Awakening Institute. Before we begin this week’s article I need to share exciting news about our children’s program beginning on February 2nd at The Awakening Institute called “Art at the Awakening.” (Details on page 4)

Now, as always, I pray that you may take a moment to know God’s presence with you, at this very moment. Now is a good time to be still for a few moments and let God speak to your heart.

This week we continue to consider aspects of Spiritual Direction as we ask…

“What Might I Expect During a Spiritual Direction Session?”

Because every Spiritual Direction session is led by the Holy Spirit it is best to enter each session without any expectations that may be contrary to what God wants to occur as you sit with you director. Spiritual direction is far less technique, concept, or method driven than counseling: even pastoral or spiritual counseling. Furthermore, unlike most counseling, Spiritual Direction is not issue, or problem focused. Instead Spiritual Direction is solution focused, not as they are provided by the director but solutions in and through an awareness of God’s presence. For this reason, Spiritual Direction, again unlike counseling, will likely include silence and listening, sometimes for extended periods. It may involve Scripture, not as presented by the director, but as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Christian Spiritual Direction, at its best, is two Christians simply being and responding to God with us. The director is thus more a facilitator than a director. With all this in mind it is good for the directee to have an idea, as presented to them by God in their daily life, of what God is leading them to share during the spiritual direction session. Following are 10 suggestions of things to be aware of, which may be good to bring into you direction session.

1. How would you describe your spiritual atmosphere? Be creative and open when considering this. Allow each of your five senses to be employed; how would your sense of smell, sight (especially colors), hearing, touch, and taste help you to speak of your current spiritual experience.

2. How have you experienced God’s presence in recent days and weeks? Who, what, when and where are good ways to address this question.

3. How have you experienced God’s absence in recent days and weeks? Again, who, what, when and where are good ways to address this question.

4. How are you praying? Is this way of prayer helpful in making God’s presence a palpable experience or you?

5. Be aware of ways, things, people, events etc., that have helped you stay attentive to the Holy Spirit. Make a list.

6. Be aware of ways, things, people, events etc., that have gotten in the way your being attentive to the Holy Spirit. Make a list

7. Be aware, and make a list, of ways you sense God’s invitation to grow, deepen your faith, and to be more aware of God with you. How are you embracing and encouraging these experiences?

8. In what ways are you intentionally seeking God’s will in your life?

9. How might you “be” more receptive and responsive to a specific area in your life in which God is calling you to new depths of relationship and growth.

10. Is there anything else that you sense God is placing on your heart that you would like talk about? This may be a call to silent listening.

God bless you all, Gene Yotka

Next week: Exploring The Enneagram

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