The 5 S's of the Christian Contemplative Journey Introduction Part 2:Life In Christ Jesus

BLOG No. 2 November 10, 2020

Simplicity, Solitude, Silence, Stillness and Spaciousness. Five Christian contemplative postures that bring us to a deeper way of being in Christ Jesus. This is a mystical way of being that the Apostle Paul spoke of often. Life in Christ Jesus. In a sense, even though they each function in unique ways they are at the same time part of a wholeness that flows from our inner yes to God’s presence and action within us and around us. To be in Christ Jesus is to be in God and the way we best experience God is through these very specific ways of being, which say yes to God and act as divine sacred spaces from which God draws us into an awakening of who we are, as those who are created in God’s image and to the presence of God who is the Creator of the image. We discover these holy ways of being in Christ Jesus as we discover that we are created in the image of Love by God who is Love. Thus, we learn that these ways of being are not merely passive, quietist, naval gazing practices but are ways of being in Christ that lead to holy activities for the glory of God in the world around us. As the 5 S’s of Christian contemplation mature, we are, by God’s grace, able to live awakened in Christ Jesus. In this awakened state we are able to respond well to God’s presence and thus live in accordance with the basic Christian calling, which is to bring God’s likeness into this world. This means to bring Love into a world that needs the Love of God, perhaps as never before. These 5 S’s are not something we accomplish. They are not something we achieve that magically awaken us. They are, however, divine skills that open us to a way of being that throws open a door to a deep, profound truth of who we are in Christ Jesus. In a sense they are effortless, although not without a deep desire to intentionally be all the God has created us to be, here and now. There is no map to the 5 S’s as they are founded in faith and true surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ. There are however spiritual disciplines, or holy habits that will help us to follow Christ Jesus into the sacred way of being where our eyes are opened and we discover the Truth that sets us free to a transcendent way of being that reveals who we are and the reality of God with us. In a way these holy habits are our practical and active yes to the holy yes of being that are the 5 S’s, which opens our entire human essence (spirt, soul, mind and body) to knowing that which is beyond knowing, knowing God with us and us in God, and living life in response to this knowing. In a real sense the 5 S’s and the practices that allow is to come into these ways of being are our cooperation with God’s grace. As we delve deeply into these contemplative ways of being in future BLOG’s, we will find that there is an order, or perhaps more accurately a sacred rhythm to the 5 S’s. This means that they move in a way that builds on and depends on one another in a mutually beneficial manner, yet they are not, in any way, a linear 5 step program to an awakening of who we are and God with us. Instead they are a dynamic, yet orderly movement of life in Christ Jesus that is ever growing yet always complete at the same time. Over the next several BLOGs we will give an overviews of the 5 S’s, beginning next week with all important simplicity. I hope you will join me for this journey as I believe the Lord will bless us all as we learn more of what it means to be in Christ Jesus.

P.S. We will be announcing our new Contemplative Book Club next week as we begin with “Into the Silent Land” by Martin Laird. For more information, or if you would like to join the group, please contact me at

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