Soul Care

The soul was made to:

--Perceive God

--Contemplate God

--Love God



Soul Care at “The Awakening Institute”



     The focus of Soul Care is to tend to, and to strengthen the human soul, which has been damage by past trauma, ongoing crisis, or various negative life events accumulated over a period of time.

     The human soul is created to perceive God, to contemplate God and to love God. In other words, the human soul is designed to sense God’s presence, to be consciously aware of, and to practice God’s presence. The human soul is created to have a deep love relationship with God. This is often blocked by the damage that life in this world can do to the soul. The human  soul is designed to feed off and be empowered by the Holy Spirit soaked human soul. A damaged soul is unable to receive  the spiritual nourishment it needs. This blockage often comes  in the form of stress, anxiety, worry and depression, which blocks the life giving effects of the Holy Spirit upon the human soul. The heart of The Awakening Institutes approach to soul care is an eleven week process consisting of two elements. 1) A five session experience we call “The Journey”, which is an in-depth look at spiritual formation as a dynamic process where the Holy Spirit soaked human spirit has an empowering effect on the human soul, which in turn has healing effects on the human mind and body. 2) The Journey is then followed by a   six session program titled “Choosing Joy”, which addresses spiritual blockages and soul damage due to the effects of stress, worry, anxiety and/or depression in a person’s life. Click on the  "Resources and Registration" button below to for more on this dynamic experience.