Sessions and Seminars Toward

Certification in Spiritual Direction


Sessions and seminars at "The Awakening Institute" are available in two primary forms: first, in accordance with a set curriculum leading to certification in Spiritual Direction .  Secondly as private course work for the person who wishes to take one, two or as many classes as they wish.  All sessions include workbooks, lesson format, power point presentations and one-on-one sessions; student to teacher. The certification process is completed when the participant has completed  each of the required  sessions over the three year period

Certification in Spiritual Formation
Year 1
  • Session 1: Introduction to Spiritual Direction

  • Session 2: Spiritual Dispositions 

  • Session 3: Contemplative Listening

  • Session 4: Incarnational Theology

  • Sessions 5-9: Christian Mysticism in Today's World

  • Session 10: Grief and Suffering

  • Session 11: Practicing Presence through Beholding 

  • Session 12: Christology and Pneumatology

  • Session 13: Contemplative Prayer for Every Believer

  • Session 14: Contemplation in Action

  • Session 15: Praying Like Jesus and The Jesus Prayer

  • Session 16: Prayer of Intention (Centering Prayer)

  • Session 17: Lectio Divina 

  • Sessions 18-19: Discerning God's Will

  • Session 20: Developing Holy Habits

Certification in Spiritual Formation
Year 2
  • Sessions 1-5: Introduction to the Enneagram

  • Sessions 6-10: The Journey

  • Sessions 11-15: Knowing As We Are Known

  • Sessions 15-20 Encountering and Responding to God's Presence

Certification in Spiritual Formation
Year 3 Practicum
  • Eight weeks of supervision to fine tune all you have learned. Accompanied by "Logistics of Professional Spiritual Direction." 

Additional Classes and Seminars 
  • Hearing the Mystic (Mystical Theology)

  • Spiritual Direction and the Trinity

  • Peace in Christ Class

  • Kingdom of Heaven Bible Study

  • People of God Unite

  • Creating a “Life Together” small group

  • Experiencing the Gospel and Letters of John

  • Bible Journaling

  • Spiritual Journaling